Through The Viewfinder : Travel Jakarta

Jakarta is such a vibrant city. Those who live here have a love and hate relationship with the city. Yes, we hate the traffic, but we love the excitement and what ever the city has got to offer. This is the city that is filled with opportunities. This is why, it is so densely populated with roughly 8.5 million people.

The majority of Indonesians are Muslim, but Indonesia recognizes 4 other religions, which are Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism and Hinduism. When you travel around Jakarta you can see religious establishments adhering to the 5 beliefs.

Weddings here are generally traditional and elaborate, often lasting for days. It’s really festive involving rituals, with plenty of food and music. Definitely something worth experiencing since you will really get the feel of our culture.

Jakarta is also known for  ‘ojeks’, which refers to people that offers transportation service on their motorbike. This is a fast and efficient way of getting around town.

We are also rich in natural resources. That’s the very reason why we were once colonized. But today Indonesia is a proud and strong country. We are even considered as one of the major exporters, ranging from coffee to coal.

Everything from food to nightlife, Jakarta truly gives you a variety of things to choose from. Jakarta simply doesn’t miss a beat.