Through The Viewfinder : Jean-Benoît Lasselin

colorblind showcased its collection on the third day of Cambodia Fashion Week. Designed by Jean-Benoît Lasselin, the range comes in various colors such as sky blue, orange, and purple. Here is an interview I did with him and a shoot featuring some pieces from his collection.

Hi. Can you tell us a little about yourself. Are you Cambodian?
I’m French with Asian roots as my grand-mother is Vietnamese. I’ve grew-up surrounded by this influence. Asia is a part of me.

How did colorblind start?
It’s been 3 years that I live in Cambodia. I was spending a lot of my free time and money at the tailor to make myself suits and shirts. Many of my friends really liked my outfits and wanted me to create for them. After introducing an outfit during a fashion show in Phnom Penh for the F Magazine, many people were interested in buying suits from me. I had this brand idea running in my head already. Today it’s not an idea anymore, it’s a Cambodian brand.

I learned that it was your first time to showcase a collection, how was the reception, so far?
Yes it is, and both the public and fashion professionals are really receptive on this first collection. It gives me a lot of hope for the future of colorblind.

Congratulations! Kindly describe the collection.
This collection is called “introducing colorblind”, as it is my first collection. I have to feel the fabric and the color first to understand how I’m going to transform it. I work mainly on linen and cotton.

By the way, you said last night at the fashion exhibition that you, yourself is color blind. How do you deal with clients, in terms of colors?
Some client have a requirement, others give me a free hand. The colors are a part of my brand, I just don’t see what my clients see, and that’s why they come to me when they need something different.

How do you envision colorblind to progress in the coming years?
My goal is to be one the best Cambodian brand. I want people to think about colorblind when they want to get a quality suit. I’m also thinking about exporting my products in a few years. I would be very proud of that as everything is produced in Cambodia.

Lastly, with your bespoke designs, what do you intend to bring to the Cambodian men?
A 100% made in Cambodia well-cut stylish creation.

Models : EM Riem, Lay Vanyuth, and Un Sethea of SaporsCambodia