Founded in June 2011, onlyBrown is a purveyor of men’s fine leather accessories. The concept, possibly the first in Singapore, offers only brown leather accessories. It is the perfect enclave for discerning and stylish men with a taste for exclusive, quality leather accessories.

onlyBrown was founded out of frustration for the lack of individuality in leather accessories. Most stores offer a similar range of designs and brands (both local and international) with black as the de rigueur color for leather accessories. As a result, product selections in brown leather are often limited.

Failing to appreciate the importance of the role of small accessories as part of a stylish ensemble is surely a faux pas – much like a seemingly well-dressed man who matches a pair of brown dress shoes with a thick, brown casual belt. Or worst, black leather belt. It does not have to be the exact brown color as shoes. That will be too rehearsed. Being close is often good enough.

For these reasons, onlyBrown aims to provide exclusive and quality leather accessories in a myriad of brown color tones and with the hope that men will discover the subtle but powerful influence of leather accessories on stylish dressing. From an aesthetic viewpoint, brown leather acquires an antiquated look with nice patina over time – exuding a timeless appeal that makes it a pleasure to own. And combining brown leather with different materials and colors would also mean that customers will have a greater selection to choose from.

onlyBrown also carries several artisans including GLENROYAL from Scotland, ETTINGER from London, LEYVA from Linares, BILLYKIRK from Santa Monica, among others.