Eunice Ward

Heading to Takashimaya for her fitting is Cal-Carries‘ model Eunice Ward. Eunice wears a plain white American Apparel tee with a leather harness and wide leg pants. She accessorizes it with her favorite sunglasses from Ksubi and old mood rings she bought in her hometown, Australia.

Her recent works include a show for Cartier, presentation for Louis Vuitton, campaigns for The CowboyGeisha, Zardoze and Zardoze Panthea, and an editorial for a new high-end online store.

Eunice shares her thoughts on modeling. “Modeling is spontaneous, each day you live in the moment. Every job is different and you have no idea where and what you will be doing tomorrow. There’s something special about that.”

And true to her statement, Eunice is leaving for New York this August where she will be represented by MUSE. “I’m excited to go to N.Y. for work and to soak up the city. The cherry on top of it all is I will get to see some friends I haven’t seen for 3-4 years. With modeling you are are generally in each city for 2-3 months on contract so you meet a lot of good friends and then you have to part and it will only be by chance you will be placed in the same city at the same time. I’m really looking forward to this season coming.”