How To Buy A Stylish Watch That Goes With Everything

When shopping for any item, fashion and style are crucial things to take into consideration. Many times when buying a new watch, people struggle to find a watch that meets fashion standards.

A watch is something that you will wear every day, and so, is an important element of your style. That’s why it’s so important that when you look for a new watch that you are aware of how to find a watch that is both fashionable and stylish.


Here are a few tips to ensure that you choose a watch that is suitable:

Do as you would when choosing jewellery

Instead of thinking of a watch as a purely functional item, think of it as you would jewelry. Your watch shouldn’t just be something that you use to tell the time, but also something that you use as a fashion statement.

Picture this; you are exquisitely dressed, but then on your wrist you have an unstylish watch. Not only will your watch stick out, but it will also ruin the effect of your entire look.

When choosing a watch, look for something that is delicate. Ideally, you should aim to choose a design that accentuates your hand and wrist, like a nice piece of jewelry would.

Opt for something neutral

Regardless of what type of watch you need – one for the office, every day, or special events, aim to find something neutral. If you want to be able to wear your watch with any outfit, the key is to choose something that works well with a range of looks.

For a neutral material watch, opt for a design that is simple, and mainly black or white. In terms of leather watches, either brown or black leather is ideal, and for metal watches, a silver or platinum watch is perfect.

Don’t choose a chunky design

While some women wear chunky watch designs well, these unique watches don’t tend to work well with many looks. So if you want a watch that you can wear with various outfits, it’s best to opt for something smaller and less bulky.

There are some fantastic watch designers around, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding a design you like. Shinola watches for women are fantastic, so if you are stuck for a watch, check these out.

Choose something classic

Don’t pick a watch that has been designed in a style that will only stay in fashion for five minutes, opt for something classic. If you choose a classic watch, as long as it’s neutral, you will be able to wear it for years.

While it can be tempting to choose a watch that has been designed in the newest style, once fashion changes, your watch won’t look good. But, if you opt for a watch that has been designed in a classic style, then it will stay stylish, no matter how fashion changes.

Buying a watch that is both fashionable and stylish isn’t always easy, especially when you also want it to be neutral and classic. But by following these simple tips, you should be able to find a suitable design.