The Top Menswear Designer Trends From the Catwalk This Summer

London, Milan, Paris and New York; the catwalk shows are in full swing as we speak. Although many designers are still yet to showcase, there have been some interesting collections on display over the last few months. We think it is the perfect time to see what is up and coming on the catwalk this summer. So that all you fashion conscious men can prepare yourself with the hottest trends, for summer 2016.


Statement Jackets

If there’s one thing that the Milan fashion show proved to us, it’s that statement jackets are going to be a staple for summer 2016. Yes, jackets in summer. Each designer offered something unique as far as this outerwear trend goes. While some stuck to the plain and simple, in hues of grey, others opted for something OTT. Philipp Plein stole the show with his statement jackets, stepping outside of the sombre box offered by other designers. A mismatch of colours and fabrics pulled the Hip Hop inspired style together. Whatever the weather, a statement jacket will be a must-have for spring and summer, in 2016.

Feminine Chic

It’s becoming more and more popular for menswear and womenswear to come together, fusing as one. If the Gucci collection at Milan was anything to go by, feminine chic will be big business in summer 2016. We saw a lot of lacy shirts and shorts from Gucci, which will be interesting to see reflected on the high street. Some have called this designer’s catwalk creations masterfully mixed up, with a real hint of girl power. Versace was another designer to embrace this spring/summer trend. We can’t wait to see how it translates to everyday wear.


As usual, there was a real focus on men’s accessories on the catwalk. With so many grey hues seen, as with the statement jackets, it was refreshing to see these outfits spruced up. There were a lot of man bags and leather strapped watches, to make some of the duller looking outfits pop. In fact, the Shinola watches for men are a prime example of the fashion trends for both this summer and next. Scarves were also seen on the catwalk, for the S/S 2016 collection. It seems as though the designers are expecting a blustery summer next year.


All through Milan fashion week there were flashes of velvets on the men’s catwalk. One of the most eye-catching pieces was a crushed-velvet Marc Jacobs jacket, in Ivory. Some designers are still playing around with this fabric and the look doesn’t seem to be refined enough yet. We saw some rather tragic looking velvet flares, for example. Let’s just hope that trend doesn’t take off. The velvet jackets are something we can see being popular as part of the statement outerwear trend, however.


Finally, let’s take a look at some of the most popular colours on the catwalk this season. As mentioned, we’ve seen a lot of grey hues. There have also been plenty of blues. It’s all very reminiscent of a cloudy, rainy day. There were some pops of colour from designers such as Gucci and Burberry, however. Especially in their lacy and more feminine pieces. It looks like dark and brooding will be the overall order of the day.

The catwalk shows are still taking place, and so there is a lot more to be seen. We’re looking forward to seeing what else takes centre stage, over the next few weeks and months.