Makeover shows: what would judges make of you?

Have you ever watched those makeover shows in which some supposed ugly duckling is transformed into a preened and pampered swan? Contestants (or quarry, depending on your outlook) are wheeled onto a stage and, almost instantly, judged from every angle. Either their nose is too long or they haven’t looked after their skin or they’ve got hair that looks like an explosion. But within half an hour, these hapless fashion disasters have been made to look as though they’ve stepped off the catwalks of Milan.

You can judge these shows as exploitative if you like, but they teach us one important thing. Even someone who seems like a lost cause can salvage a healthier appearance with a little bit of commitment.

If you were on a makeover show, what would the judges say about you?

Well, follow our list and they’ll only be singing your praises. Just like this beautiful girl.


Let’s get mineral

The high street, Poundland foundation you’ve been slathering on your face is leaving your skin a mangy mess. And the more makeup you use, the higher your risk of acne and clogged pores. The skin requires room to breathe – but that doesn’t mean you should ditch makeup altogether. Mineral makeup will provide a lighter touch to your face and is less likely to cause irritation. With regular application, you’ll avoid that caked on look and enjoy a great base for any other makeup you use.

Cigarettes and alcohol

In the UK, saying you don’t drink is tantamount to believing in aliens, or claiming you’re the ruler of the sun. Say it in a bar or at a party and you’ll be met with a look of utter disgust, as though you’ve just murdered someone on the dance floor. Let’s not get bogged down in the perception of others, however. Giving up on cigarettes and alcohol will lead to a far healthier appearance in the long run. Skin will age less quickly and you won’t suffer the dry pores that come with frequent smoking. Add to this the well-known health difficulties associated with long-term alcohol and cigarette consumption and there are many more pluses than minuses in giving up.

Sleep away your troubles

Beauty sleep isn’t just a fairy tale term – it’s scientific fact.
Without a regular eight hours of sleep, your skin will become dry and you’ll look less attractive to members of the opposite sex. Moreover, a lack of sleep will lead to an anxiousness and even depression – all of which can take their toll on your ageing. Catching 40 winks can be difficult for a lot of people. Relax into sleep with a good book and pretty soon you’ll be in the land of nod.