Awesome Styling For The Beach

It may be cold, dark and damp where you are, but that doesn’t mean you can’t whisk yourself away on vacation to the beach. We love being in the sun all year round, and we love the fashion we get to take with us. If you’re about to pack for a weekend away then there are a few beach essentials you need to include:


The bikini has been the swimwear of choice for generations. It’s pretty handy for when you want an all-over tan too. Lazing around on a hot beach means you will need a good bikini. When you’re choosing your swimwear, think about your body shape. There are lots of different styles of bikini, but we’re not all happy in all them. Tops and bottoms come in various sizes to suit your body shape.


The maxi-dress is the firm favorite of the season. Best of all, they come in different shapes and styles. You can choose, strappy or strapless. There are even those in a tank top style. At the bottom, you also have a choice of hem. Ruffled in an arch to reveal your feet looks good and saves you from an embarrassing tumble. There are shorter lengths and floor lengths to choose from too. Pick vibrant colors, and layer up with a cute jacket when you’re in town.


Yes, shorts are acceptable no matter what your size. They’re pretty handy when you’re messing about in the surf too. Surf brands like rip curl have a lot of shorts in different lengths to suit all leg shapes. If you are in the water, you might prefer wetsuits cut at a short length. This will keep your important bits warm and dry!


 Image Source : morgueFile


When the sun is high, a hat is a must. Soft baseball caps have become really popular if you’re more active on the beach. They’re great for keeping the sun off your face too. The wide brimmed flop hat is still trending as well, although the material is changing to offer more choice in color.


At the beach, you need a good sized beach bag. These are on par with a large shopper bag, but you can wear them over your shoulder. Stick to fabrics that are light but still offer enough protection to the things inside. After all, you’re going to need a towel, your shoes, and your handbag contents in there. Keep the design bold and bright for the coming seasons.

Sunglasses are a must when you’re at the beach. Big used to be beautiful, but the size of the frames are shrinking a little again now. The shape is less round and more oval, offering a more flattering look for fuller faces. Sports sunglasses are more popular than ever. They are sleeker in design, offer better protection, and won’t fall off when you play.

Heading to the beach is one of our favorite things to do. If you’re lucky enough to be at the coast in the coming weeks, don’t forget your sunscreen. Grab your sandals and your friends and have fun on the sand.