Why You Should Have A Little Black Dress In Your Summer Wardrobe

The little black dress or LBD is synonymous with style, sophistication and elegance. It was once a piece that was rigid in its styling and something that you only wore to hugely formal functions. The slow metamorphosis of the LBD into a staple piece that can be worn to a variety of events and parties, in the daytime, evening, at work or socially has shown just how versatile the LBD has become.

The little black dress is a piece of clothing that flatters any shape and any size with its forgiving color and variety of cuts and contours that can accentuate your assets and hide your sins. Even in the summer, with the glorious heat and long hours of sunshine, get the selection right, and you can have a little black dress that will see you through the summer season. Take a look at these ideas that will see you aching to make an LBD the next purchase for your summer wardrobe.


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Show Off Your Pins

If you are after a flexible little black dress that sees you just as at home lounging around on the beach as you are at a slightly more formal evening soiree, you should consider going short. A sexy little black dress that ends just above the knee will draw attention away from your upper body and towards your legs. Keep the design simple on top and look for extra detailing and embellishments on the bottom half of the piece. You are still trying to ooze sophistication so if you’re being a little more revealing with your pins, keep the upper half of the dress a tad more modest.

The Gothic Look

Black is the most recognised colour for any gothic look. Whereas you may consider the goth look to be the image of angsty teens and emo band fans, you can achieve a high end and sophisticated look that pays homage to the gothic look without being overly depressing. Opt for a dress that utilises lace and intricate detailing. With ruffles and black velvet to add texture, your summer little black dress will be unique yet chic.


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The Black Maxi

For the ultimate in comfort that doesn’t forfeit style, a maxi dress can be an elegant choice. Loose fitting yet flattering, a maxi dress won’t see you sweating as you head out to your function. With a huge choice of monochrome evening party beach floral sundresses on offer, you can feel confident and comfortable when heading down to the beach for a casual evening barbeque with friends. The joy of a maxi dress is the ability to accessorize up for pure sophistication or keep it more casual with a pair of sunnies and some wedge sandals.


Simple sleeveless little black dresses are a staple for any wardrobe and can easily be worn in the summer. If your LBD is made out of a breathable material, you can utilize your sleeveless piece in the summer months with its asymmetrical design, sleek contouring and simple detailing. Simplicity is key to allow attention to be drawn to your arms. Your LBD doesn’t have to be solely work attire and can be used throughout the summer for your al fresco meet ups with pals.

Bold Print

Your little black dress doesn’t have to be a jet black piece of cloth fashioned into a flattering shape for you to wear. The addition of bold white printing to create a monochrome look can give your LBD an edge. This uniqueness can elevate your outfit about all of the other LBDs out there. As it’s summer, you might want to consider a summery floral or animal monochrome print to add a little something different to your outfit.



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Depending on the event, function or place that you’re attending, you’ll want to accessorize your outfit in different ways. If you’re heading for a more formal do, elevate your little black dress with a pair of kitten heels, a clutch bag and pearls. For the less formal beach party, opt for some stylish sparkly sandals and a simple handbag. No matter what the occasion, you can wear your LBD with confidence.

The little black dress has been around for decades. From the flapper girls of the 1920s up until today, the little black dress will remain a stalwart of women’s wardrobes all over the world. It’s time to take the shackles of the LBD and welcome it into the summer months to celebrate its versatility and sophistication all year round.