Preparing for the Fall and Winter Seasons by Dressing in Layers

You can definitely tell that the summer is over. It is getting dark faster and we are having more cold days and nights. So, now is the time to update your wardrobe and get ready for the fall/winter season.

There are lots of ways to kit yourself out for the colder weather, but by far the best approach is to use layering. This is an incredibly flexible way of dressing that will actually keep you a lot warmer than just wearing thicker clothes would. Once you try it you will wonder why on earth you have not always dressed this way.

Forget the thick sweater

Blouses are perfect for layering, there are just so many different ways combinations. The simplest approach is to wear a long-sleeved blouse over a t-shirt. This is fine, but let´s be honest it rarely looks very interesting.

A better approach is to make the blouse the base layer and add a top, or maybe too. On very cold days, you could easily add another blouse in a heavier fabric, followed by a lightweight jumper. If you get hot you can peel off the sweater and wear the 2nd blouse open as an alternative to a jacket.

Jeans over leggings

For the weekend wearing a pair of leggings under your jeans is a great way to stay warm. Plus if you are out for the day and it starts to get warm you can simply slip to the ladies, peel off your jeans, stow them in your bag and wear your leggings. If you are wearing distressed jeans, doing this produces a particularly interesting look.

Coats over jackets

Wearing a parka over a Bomber style jacket is a great way to stay warm on the morning commute. At lunchtime, when it is warmer, you can leave your bulky parka behind and take a stroll for a sandwich in your relatively lightweight jacket.

There are dozens of coat jacket combinations that can be made to work. Just experiment and find the options you like the best.

If nothing takes your fancy try on a multilayer coat. There are quite a few available. Most can be worn in at least three, sometimes 4 different combinations, making them a very versatile item of clothing.

Layer hats

For those of you who watch sports in all weathers or live in particularly cold climate layering your headgear is particularly important. Studies show that we lose up to 45% of our body heat through our head. So, covering it well is essential. Beanies can potentially be worn under a variety of other hats. If you do this remember to make sure that the hat you are planning to wear on top is big enough to accommodate the thick beanie. Also, make sure that the beanie is big enough to cover your head, but not so big that it shows up under the hat you wear over the top.

Where to learn more

If the above ideas have caught your imagination and you would like more, just click this link. There you will find suggestions for a capsule wardrobe that will allow you to create dozens of layered outfits using just a few items of clothing.