Top Fabric Trends for 2018

Often times it seems that women’s fashion trends are ever-changing and yet at the same time revisiting and paying homage to the past. 2018 is no different, and so far has a unique mixture of retro and new styles combining to create a fashion-forward landscape. One of the largest trends that 2018 has in store is the emphasis on fabric. Some popular fabric patterns for 2018 are tailored denim, retro florals, stripes, anything with fringe, dramatic textures, and lavish trims.

Tailored denim has been seen in all the major fashion houses in the form of structured blazers, modern trousers, and matching accessories. Dark and light washes are both popular for denim fabrics as well as distressed or embroidered looks. This year will see denim in a more polished look instead of only casual or rugged. Chambray style fabrics are equally as popular as traditional heavier denim and make for a variety of clothing.

Another fabric that is popular with 2018 women’s fashion trends is retro florals. These are the prints of days gone by, reminiscent of the 1960s and 1970s. No matter the weight of the actual fabric, the floral look is especially hot with bright patterns to compliment the graphics. Florals look especially eye-catching when they are on lighter fabrics such as silk, brocade, or even embroidered on mesh. The popular patterns for trendy plus size tops of 2018 reveal how the floral trend is even being combined with stripes of similar colors in order to create a contrasting print mixed style.

Stripes are a trend for summer 2018 as they’ve been in recent years, seen both in casual and more formal clothing. A smaller stripe gives a polished look that gives a sophisticated style, and a larger stripe can give a modern color-blocking effect. Stripes can be flattering when the fabric is more fitted and give a leaner look as opposed to a bulkier weight fabric.

Fringe is a classic look that has been reinvented for 2018 fashion trends. The perfect complementary accent to any look, fabric fringe is trending for everything from dresses to jewelry. Fringe is versatile and can be worn any season for a pop of color with fun flair. It can be made from and worn with lighter fabrics as well as heavier textures to give a flirty touch to clothing and accessories.

Texture is another facet of 2018 women’s fashion. Mesh is predicted to be hot for the warmer seasons both as an accent fabric for insets and as a stand-alone ensemble with only minimal lining. Clear vinyl is also being used as cutaways for jackets, tops, bags, and shoes; it has been seen all over the runways for the year ahead. Glossy vinyl and coated fabrics are being used to give primary and bold colors a dose of high sheen gloss for the year ahead.

Trims are everywhere for 2018! Tassels, sequin accents, braids, metal accents, chenille, and a variety of other trim options are being added to enhance fashion. Adding trims to clothing, bags, accessories and even shoes create endless options for customizing looks.

Fashion is something unique to everyone, but by including these predicted popular fabric patterns for 2018 it’s a sure guarantee to be on trend all year long!