Distinguished Beachwear Bridges Function with Fashion

Rewind the clock 100 years, just for a moment. Now imagine what people were wearing to the beach back then. Swimsuits and beachwear generally looked like an attempt to have the wearer appear as formal as possible. Women’s swimwear during the early 20th century was often little more than a dress which could be worn in the water, meanwhile men wore single-piece garments extending from their elbows down to their knees.

Then, in the century to follow, there was a shift towards the beachwear and swimwear we recognize as standard  today: bikinis, one-pieces, speedos, swim trunks, et cetera. If someone was caught wearing these at the beach back in 1918, it would have been a scandal which landed the wearer in jail.

Thankfully, there doesn’t seem to be much of a push to bring beachwear fashion back to its ultra-conservative roots. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for the pendulum to shift just a little, which is what the designers at 209Mare.com have been doing for several years now.

Rather than be motivated to pull back on the amount of skin we see on the beach, 209 Mare is inspired to make beachwear more functional by focusing on the time we spend out of the water as much as the time we spend in it. Consider one of the company’s signature garments, the 209 women’s Towel Tuxedo, which is designed using premium materials and precision tailoring.

As you might already be imagining, the Towel Tuxedo is meant to be worn after spending time in the water. To this end, the materials and design are aimed towards the most optimum experience possible; the garment is made from absorbent and naturally antibacterial bamboo terry cloth and fitted to the contours of the female form for maximum coverage out of the water. Chrome vents positioned under the arms and in the back provide ample breathability, and the garment can be machine washed.

However, what elevates the Towel Tuxedo and its even more luxurious sister garment the 209 Beach Blazer into a league of their own is the attention to detail coupled with the world-class Italian tailored design. When it comes to the standard Towel Tuxedo, the most noticeable design feature is the velvet shawl collar lapel, which comes in four distinct colors. This is followed by the contrast piping along the collar outline as well as the pockets, then the color-coordinated mother-of-pearl buttons imported from Tahiti which run along the front and on the sleeves.

Then there is the distinctly distinguished looking limited edition Brando Black edition of the Towel Tuxedo, inspired by the tuxedo worn by Marlon Brando in classic American film The Godfather. This version features a black velvet lapel and black towel contrasted by white piping. The only thing missing is the red rose.

The founders of 209 Mare, brothers Gabriel and Federico Uribe, were inspired to make refinements to the world of upscale beachwear fashion after noticing a dissonance between what people were wearing at the beach and what they wanted to be doing afterwards. Spending time socializing on board superyachts and having conversations with fellow guests by hotel pools led the Uribes to start a fashion house where the focus was on bringing function into the world of luxury beachwear.