5 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

It goes without saying that women like shoes. It’s a safe bet that eight out of every ten women have more shoes in their closet than they really need. But do you have the essentials? If you don’t own anything else, be sure you cover the basics.

From sandals to trainers to pumps, here are some style tips to complete your wardrobe and make sure you’re ready for work, school, and play.


Flats are versatile and comfortable. For a mom, flats are a must because you can look cute while running errands and playing with your kids. You can dress up jeans or shorts, and pair them with skirts and dresses to look both feminine and put together.

They’re a great relief at the office from heels. They look professional but allow your feet to rest. They are also suitable if you have to dress for a  job interview. Start with something neutral, gray, or black. You can also make a thin stripe or a leopard print look fabulous with almost anything.



You can’t beat a good pair of trainers. They’re much more than just an athletic shoe. They’re comfortable and stylish. There are so many fun patterns and colors that you can make them work with almost any clothes you have in your closet including leggings, jeans, shorts, or casual dresses.


A classic pair of pumps is a must for every woman. You can wear them to church, work, and parties. Black or nude go with everything. These versatile shoes aren’t going out of style any time soon, so you can afford to get a nice pair that will last.


For the fall and winter seasons, boots will keep your toes warmer than almost anything else. Knee high boots have always been in style, so they’re a safe bet. Ankle boots have grown in popularity in the last few years and offer a stylish alternative on a classic shoe.

Riding boots with a small stacked heel and straight shaft are the most common and look cute with buckle or zipper embellishments. Ankle boots may quickly become your favorites because there are so many to choose from.

Flats are comfortable for wearing every day and a safer bet when you are dealing with winter weather like rain, snow, or ice. A stacked heel is perfect for date night. If you’re brave, you can go for a stiletto, but it’s not as versatile.


Even in winter, sandals are essential. In addition to cheap thong sandals, you need a nice pair for dressing up. You can wear sandals with dresses and skirts, or you can dress up your jeans or shorts. Wear them all summer and keep them handy when the weather starts warming up next year.

You can’t go wrong with a neutral color, but this is another pair of shoes that look cute in a thin stripe or a leopard print. They’re also a great vacation shoe. If you plan to escape the winter weather for a weekend, throw your sandals in your bag and go.

You may have hundreds of pairs of shoes, but if you don’t have shoes you can wear with every outfit, they don’t do you any good. Make sure you have the essentials first, and then fill your closet with all of the others.